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Birthday Soirée with Dianna Davis Gypsy Jazz Ensemble, Jack Wild

Hey--I'm turning 27 and I haven't had a big show like this for a while. It would be great if you could come visit Square Cat Vinyl--I'm very fond of this spot and I know you will be too. 

Stop by to pick up a copy of VULCHER #2! Eddie Flowers has done it again, and as co-editor of this publication I'm excited to bring it to you. Featuring contributions from Eddie Flowers, Kelsey Simpson, Sam Murphy, Lester Bangs (from GULCHER #0 - 1975), Claudia Bell, John Bialas, Carl Biancucci, Jeremy Cargill, Melanie Coffee, Rich Coffee, Byron Coley, Robert Dayton, Yuri Duncan, Eric Friedl, Gary Pig Gold, Kenne Highland, Tim Hinely, Lindsay Hutton, Steve Krakow, David Laing, Tony Mann, James Marshall, Bruce Mowat, Jymn Parrett, Don Perry, Mike Rippy, Chris Sienko, Chris Stigliano, Brian Turner, Ian Wagner, and Brick Wahl.

Gluestick will also be releasing INDIANA zine, and Square Cat #1! 

INDIANA is a collection of drawing and writing about why locals love Indiana. This effort was led by Hoosyorker Ayun Halliday and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. 

Square Cat #1 will feature information on the shop, as well as art collected during December's First Friday! Be on the lookout for our next zine making event. 

Dianna Davis and her ensemble will be playing their brand of gypsy jazz to entertain and delight you as you browse records, buy a beer, or coax me into making you a latte. 

Also, punk supergroup Jack Wild will be writing songs two weeks before the show to play, for the first time ever, riding a wave of girl power and rockin' anguish. 

This event is FREE--if you're able to donate $5 toward Gluestick 2017 that would be great, but not necessary.