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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Live in London '19 (Square Cat Exclusive)

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Live in London '19 (Square Cat Exclusive)

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Romanus Records went ALL OUT on this release! Excited to announce some insane Square Cat Vinyl variants via Romanus for King Gizzard "Live in London." First up we have a Holographic Jett Black side A/B paired with an exclusive Square Cat Vinyl "Crushed Ice" Splatter. Limited to 100 units. Second we have a beautiful Glow in The Dark Sand Filled & Jett Black Holographic Bundle numbered to 25 units. The sand filled is the side C/D of the record and glows in the dark orange as well as move around while forming a more interactive record experience. We also have speciality Square Cat Vinyl labels to celebrate the release!

Romanus has fully reimagined and fulfilled art via Cvmik on Instagram taking this Gatefold design to new heights. And now.... THE MUSIC!? This is likely our favorite Gizz live LP. It's a mammoth jam it here if you dare:

They were in the middle of promoting and touring on Infest the Rats Nest. So much amazing thrash, psych, and more on this album. Probably our favorite version of Great Chain of Being ever! No limit on variants ordered.

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